Taino Reign with Special Guest Artitsts Sanakori Ramos & Band of Tainos

June 2, 2018

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Taino Reign Perfomance Fund


Taino Reign is the creation legend of the First Nations people of Puerto Rico. It depicts their essence, lifelines and strength as individuals, and as a whole concerning customary activities, and the rise of colonization on the island.

The IndoRican Multicultural Dance Project, Inc. is dedicated to celebrating the cultural diversity of New York City and its inhabitants. In doing so, we encourage people to take a stand on events happening around them. We strongly believe that education truly is the key for worldly accord.The IndoRican Multicultural Dance Project, Inc. proudly caters to educating all children, including those with special needs by utilizing space, colors, patterns, rhythms and expressive choreography.

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